4 Ways to Grow Your Business by Being Online

Being online nowadays is like being in the phone book in years gone past - if you don’t have an online presence you might as well not exist. Technology is leaping ahead at break-neck speed so it can sometimes be overwhelming to know how to get your business online. We have compiled a few tips to make the leap into the virtual world.

1. Just Begin

As a Ricoh Business Partner, you are entitled to subsidised marketing design and assistance. If you are not yet online, you simply need to fill out an MDF and Briefing Form and Ricoh will help with the rest. From a website that is mobile-friendly to social media management, you can tap directly into the knowledge and expertise of Ricoh’s agencies.

2. Go Responsive

A responsive website is one that looks good no matter whether you are on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Research shows that mobile browsing has increased by 61%, so it is essential to let your website visitors have a good experience of your site, no matter where they browse from.

3. Get in Contact

The best way to get leads is to have clear calls to action all over your website with prominent contact details on every page. For your size business, you need to get personal and people prefer to know they are speaking to a real human than an automated form. Call Now, Book a Consultation and Get an Assessment are all good buttons to have displayed on your site.

4. Post Often

Having a blog or news page that is updated often pushes up your page in search engines like Google and makes you more visible online. Even if you use it to post promos and special offers every week or so, it can still make a big impact. Marketers who have prioritised blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

If you don't have a website, or would like to upgrade your website to be responsive, fill out an MDF form and Ricoh will help you to get online!

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