Induction Programme

What to expect

The Induction pillar will be hosted at the Ricoh SA head office in Linbro Park, Johannesburg, and is the starting point for new employees. The Induction course will address many topics including, a profile on Ricoh, product overviews, processes and procedures, familiarisation with key tools, information portals and meeting the team. This is the foundation phase for all new staff.

Induction Dates

Induction 1

14 - 18 August 2017

Induction 2

2 - 6 October 2017

Induction Course Outline

Day One Session Plan: Welcome to Ricoh and the Ricoh Story and Internal Processes

  • The session is a learning and team-building event intended to energize new reps and build a competitive and winning spirit.  It will enable learners to develop their knowledge of Ricoh, brand, our core products/systems and be able to present Ricoh effectively. 

  • To understand and demonstrate an understanding of the internal processes for Ricoh SA 

Day Two Session Plan: Successful Prospecting

The Session focuses on prospecting and how the learner carries out research and planning to ensure initial customer contact is successful (by telephone and face to face).

Day Three: Successful Appointment Setting and Calling

  • To understand and demonstrate telephone or first F2F contact skills, producing a personal call strategy and present yourself with confidence. 

  • To carry out live calls using the prepared 30 small customer list and build confidence

Day Four: Fundamentals of Printing

This session focuses on the basics and fundamentals of printing 

Day Five: Sales and Marketing

This session is presented by the Ricoh SA marketing team and product managers and will give you an overview of the products and services on offer at Ricoh SA

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