Management Development

What to expect

The Management Development module is for Sales Managers only and consists of Webex training sessions and a sales management course, which includes a Sales Management Diploma for those who meet the required standards.


B-BBEE - The Basics

Webex: 12 July 2017


Dealing with Discipline in the workplace

Webex: 23 August 2017

Performance Management

Webex: 13 September 2017

Management Development Course Outline


B-BBBEE – The Basics

  • Understanding BEE from a layman’s perspective.

  • Overview of B-BBEE.

  • Unpacking each element.

  • Difference between Employment Equity and B-BBEE Equity.

  • Practical and cost efficient B-BBEE strategies.

  • Empowering Supplier – what is this?

  • Understanding your supplier’s certificates.


Dealing with Discipline in the Workplace

Misconduct in the workplace is not something any employer wants to have to deal with. Such activity results in animosity and hostility amongst employers and employees throughout and entire organisation if not properly managed.

Where allegations of possible misconduct in the workplace surface, such occurrences require strict and consistent attention, so as to ensure the right precedent is set.



Performance management makes up a significant part of every manager's job, and this means managers must deal with poor performance. Managers often view this as one of the less desirable responsibilities that come with the job because too often our perception of managing poor performance is clouded by thoughts of tense, uncomfortable situations that may result in finger pointing, anger and denial.


  • Identify what behaviour is causing the employee to underperform

  • Confront their poor performance

  • Following the right process

  • Providing the right ongoing feedback

Diploma in Sales Management

What to expect

How it works

This diploma is done via You have 12 months to complete the diploma.


If you qualify to do the diploma, the Learning and Development team will contact you with everything you need to know.

The Diploma in Sales Management  details information about the principles, practices and tools involved in the selling process. The course  introduces the role of sales in everyday life. . Delegates will get to understand the role and influence,  Internet-based tools, such as forums, and social networks  play in the modern day sales process 


Customer relationship management tools and how they are used to organise a customer's interaction, along with adaptive selling will be unpacked and explained.

The role of ethics in sales and business is critical and will be explained in detail.


You will learn about the application of ethical behaviour in a business environment and how ethical businesses abide by laws and appropriate regulations. The main factors in relation to customer prospecting are covered in detail. You will learn about the tools used, such as direct marketing and cold calling, as well as the pre-approach, a critical step that helps you earn the customer’s trust.

You will learn about the sales approach and the six Cs, which will help you make a good impression when you contact your prospect, as well as techniques like preparation, research, establishing credibility and customisation of the sales approach to the individual customer. You will gain an understanding of the main types of objections that you may encounter in sales and the six strategies that can help you handle virtually any objection. You will also learn about the process for preparing your sales presentation, how you can stay focused on the outcome and how to adapt your presentation to your prospect’s needs. Finally, you are introduced to entrepreneurial selling, and how to research the viability of a business idea by identifying the size of the market to determine if the idea is compelling enough to meet a need. 

Enrichment Tools

Ricoh production print leader

How Ricoh became a leader in production print.

Interactive whiteboard

The Ricoh interactive Whiteboard has many interesting features

Ricoh interactive whiteboard - Customer Case

Watch how this client used the Ricoh interactive whiteboard

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